Terms and Services

The terms and services of GetAllSMM is a legit binding agreement between the customers and the service provider company that is GetAllSMM.

To understand this agreement in a complete way is necessary as it will provide information about the services and make you understand how everything works here.

Understanding this agreement is necessary because it will help the customers to know what exactly this service is providing. To clear any doubts about the rights and policies of this agreement legal support or consultation is necessary.

In this agreement, you will find the API terms that are necessary for the modified services of GetAllSMM, making them the best services to use.

However, if you are not satisfied or you completely disagree with our terms and conditions you may ignore our services and may skip with registration step and move on.

GetAllSMM is a service point for online Social media Services necessary for marketing and management of the social media platforms in an efficient way. At our website https://getallsmm.com you can avail our services that contribute to increasing the optimization of your marketing and social media platforms. This service center provides tools that will help in increasing the visibility, link building, management and tracking the performance of the social media platforms.

Other than that, for obtaining information about campaigns, generating reports and analysis of the web pages and access of resources are included in this section of terms and services.


We may change the terms and policies of our services at any time we want as we have the complete right for it. We can make changes accordingly and let our customers know about the specific changes by updating them on our site, which is the only way to communicate with our customers. However, if any of these terms and conditions are unacceptable to you then you have an opportunity that you can simply end everything with GetAllSMM. Our users are only able to make changes with our permission, doing it without our notice will not benefit them instead there are more chances that our team might attempt rule violation case.

Additional Services

In case of any new highlight or upgrade in services occur then it will be present at this agreement section of GetAllSMM so that it will become clear to our customers about the new updates and new policies about our services. We provide every sort of information and upgrade in this section so our customers remain up to date about our terms and services.

Appropriate to Use Services

GetAllSMM provides an opportunity and grant permission to utilize these services and the website exclusively as set in agreement and in the way gone ahead on the website. In the case of contestation between the website and the agreement, the terms of this agreement will win. Other than that, violation of any term in this agreement will result in the suspension of sole prudence.

Suspension and Termination of Services

Despite anything expressed in this agreement, we may change the actual terms and services of the agreement at any time we want. We may terminate or eliminate any service from the agreement without criticizing or by expressing it in written form. In addition, despite the services our users get 30 days’ notice for the use of paid services afterward the end of their back-up information might be expelled and they are no more able to avail our services. To avoid suspension it is necessary for the users to obey all the rules under this agreement.

Account and Registration

Use of service

You can either use this service in both ways as a registered or as an unregistered user but make sure that you are not below the age limit. GetAllSMM does not provide the services to the individuals that are under 18 as this limit is set to make sure that our users may not get into any trouble. If we come to know that, an individual below 18 is using our services we take strict action upon it and vanish all the information to deprive them of our services.


Utilizing the services of GetAllSMM means that you are accepting our terms and conditions for our services that are mentioned in the agreement. This also shows that you grant us to access your information, store it, and utilize it for our services to work for you.

User Representation

Utilizing the services of GetAllSMM shows that you are providing the surety that all the information you provided to us is accurate and we can trust that your information is worth trust. As well as you will maintain that accuracy in every case and last but not least, you are fulfilling the age criteria as well as you will not violate or misuse our services.

This representation will make it easier for us to provide the customers with the best they need to get from us and we can serve them in a perfect manner.

Registration and Payment

In order to get registered as a user, you have to build a user account on our website, by simply obeying the instructions that are set in the agreement for the registration purpose. Creating a user account at GetAllSMM is cost-free and you can create one easily by following the rules and the instructions for registration.

On the other hand, if you wish to avail the advanced services then you have to pay for it, which you can do by attaching the information about your bank details. This will make it easier to avail the paid services at GetAllSMM.

Keep in mind one important thing while registering for the GetAllSMM user account that you cannot run multiple accounts through registering only on a single account. If we come to know about this then we suspend that user account instantly and deprive them of further use of our services.

Login details and Password

After completing the registration step, you are now a legal member of GetAllSMM and now it is your responsibility to take care of your personal login information and your password details. Only you are responsible for the maintenance and security check of your account then. We provide an API key, which they can further use to get access to their account.

User Responsibilities

Being a user of GetAllSMM it is now your responsibility to maintain the accounts’ security by keeping the check on all the activities that are performed from your account. The information you provide must be valid and accurate as well as the billing information is also necessary to be accurate.

Prohibited Uses

Following are the cases in which you are not allowed to use our services, which are:

For Illegal Purposes

Making use of our service for an illegal purpose is strictly prohibited as our services are not meant for this purpose. In any case violation of our service or misuse, we instantly suspend the account.


In the case of tampering, which is again an illegal thing you are not allowed to use our services. We strictly follow the rules that are 100% legal and we do not allow anyone to use our services for illegal purpose.

Permission Required

If you ever think of selling our services to any other person or any third party then it will count as a crime. Without our prior permission, you are not able to sell our services to anyone.

We do not permit our customers to sell or sublicense our services otherwise; we have a right to attempt a case of service exploitation on you. In addition, disassemble and decompile of services lead to attempt a case of service exploitation as well.

Therefore, keep in mind for using our services you need to obey our terms and conditions otherwise these services are not meant for you.


While availing our services at GetAllSMM make sure and keep that in mind that sharing more than 10 inquiries per second is strictly banned. Using the same IP address for sending the simultaneous inquiries is not allowed.

Access to Special Tools and testing the Tools

Under our services, we do not allow our users the access and testing of new tools although, if there comes an opportunity towards you for testing the new tools then you might not allow permission for such testing and access. However, if you get access or experience new tools then make sure not to provide any sort of personal information to any third party.


While using the services of GetAllSMM, we do not allow any of our customer to change or exchange the actual rights and obligations under this agreement. In case of violation of any rule, the users’ account will instantly suspend and he will no more able to avail the services from GetAllSMM.

On the other hand, if you want to make any changes in the terms and services then there is a need to have proper permission from the authority else than that there is no other way to make any specific change in the policies of the services under this agreement.


You may erase your user account whenever you want, but make sure that doing this also erase all your information from GetAllSMM servers as well. As we are no more responsible for any further information and data loss issue. All the expense acquired by de-registration will be expected and owing until you fully pay them and these expenses are necessary to pay in any case.

Termination and Suspension

GetAllSMM has a complete right to suspend any of the users’ account found violating the rules or involved in any fraud or harmful activity. As our services are not for this purpose and we are not responsible in any case for any criminal activity, so we instantly suspend that user we found misusing our services.

Fee and Settlement

Service Fee

Just like the paid services, the users of our services have to pay for certain subscription packages as well in order to get advanced services. The details about all these charges and the fee for such services is labeled at the website of GetAllSMM where the users can easily find a suitable package of their choice. In addition, to the fee and charges, all the taxes and other additional charges for some services are also present at our website.

Promotional Giveaways

Just another way to improve our services and to make them simply perfect for our customers we offer promotional giveaways of our services as well. For winning such services’ giveaways, the users must follow our rules and all the terms in the agreement in an absolute way, as this will increase the chances to win.

Changes in Fee

We reserve a right to make changes in our agreement at any time we want and by doing this we let our users know about it on our website. Despite making changes, we may further proceed by increasing the fee immediately by making a notice about this. These changes might occur due to the following reasons.

  • We experience any change in services due to our service providers.
  • Changes due to customers’ request
  • On the other hand, any other issue in services due to users’ negligence in obeying the laws and rules of the agreement.


We make our customers pay for our services a month or a year before availing our services. All these payments are done through a bank account.

Refund Policy

Our paid services work on a postpaid basis and our users can cut off with our services at any time and in this case, they can get their money back. However, they can get refund only after the cancelation of the services at the exact time the user completes the cancelation process.

Credits and Top up Policies

The credits and the top up in your wallets is an irreversible amount, which cannot be refunded once you submit this amount through your bank account, credit card or PayPal. However, you can use this amount for other services, which might exchange to other services.

Account Refund Policy

Our users can cancel the offers at any time and as our services are postpaid paid so the duration of service suspension will be 30 days. As we are already using services from other parties so it will take the time of 30 days to make a complete suspension.

Ownership and Intellectual Property: Use of Trademarks

Under this agreement of services from GetAllSMM, we make sure that the users completely agree with the rights and the rules of using our policy of terms and services. All the rights, titles, issues, copyright, trade and rest of all are under this agreement, we own them and by availing our services the customers agree with our services and we provide our services in all the described matters.

At GetAllSMM, we do not grant any permission or ownership to our customers with rights or rules only we own them and only we are responsible for providing services to the users.

GetAllSMM Trademarks

Services of GetAllSMM are trademarks, DBAs and trade dress, in addition, other marks, which represent our website are logos and the graphics of the website. Our users cannot make any changes to our website, services, and trades without our permission.

Users’ Mark

GetAllSMM provides an opportunity to the users only that they can use the logo, trademark, trade name and brand’s name to avail the license to use the services for information and advertisement purpose.


Our users can give us any suggestion, feedback or idea about our services at GetAllSMM service point, as we always welcome new suggestions and ideas. We highly appreciate the suggestions from our customers and we make efforts to employ them on our services to make them better and improve them for our customers.


Any third party can suspend the agreement any time if GetAllSMM does so, other than that there is no way to do so. Other than that for our paid services, the legal notice shall be 30 days and after that, everything will be canceled.

Effects of Termination

After the termination of the agreement of terms and services all, the information and all the rights of the users automatically terminate and the user is no more able to use the services from GetAllSMM.

Requesting termination after utilizing any service require initiate support ticket and after discussing to the payment department allows your refund to you.


After ending of the agreement whether for any reason, all the provisions concerned with the warranty and legal responsibilities as well as safety of rights and for exchanging of secrets are required to continue to exit such suspension. Therefore, the services survive until it no longer imperative for them until they acquire their purpose.

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation Liability

We provide warranties about our services else than the case if the laws are disobeyed or any violation of the law. We also give warranty about the factors that our services will meet the requirements of our customers, our services will available for you all the time and our services will be accurate, free, reliable and harmless for you.

Limitation of Liability

Our services at GetAllSMM are not responsible in any event for the officers, directors and another third party. We are only responsible for the issues related to our services or in any case of violation of the laws. Other than that, you will have to pay for any problem related to any other respect.

Third party products and services

GetAllSMM does not give any guarantee about any other issue else than our services nor responsible for any product or service offered by any third party. We are neither responsible for any agreement of you with any other party. We only take care of the problems you face due to our services. Following any other link or service from the third party will be at your own consent.

General Provision

Under this agreement, without our prior permission, you are not allowed to transfer or outsource any information or any service of GetAllSMM. Under these circumstances, our team will take strict actions and in no time will terminate the users’ account. Under this agreement, the users are highly restricted to follow the rules and obey all the laws of the terms and services of GetAllSMM.

Electronic Notice

GetAllSMM provides you with the facility to get notified about any update in services or terms in the electronic form. Our customers will be notified through emails under this electronic notice service. Each communication between the user and the team will be in electronic form and it will be easier for the users to keep in touch with our team and at any time.

Entire agreement

Under concern of privacy policy, this agreement will remain between you and our team at GetAllSMM facilitating you with the use of our website and the services. However, other services from GetAllSMM will also impose on additional terms such as for blogs, affiliate programs, and webinars, which can be found on the terms and conditions for products and services.


The default language used for this entire agreement is English as this language can be translated to any other language easily. In addition, the majority of the people around the world can easily understand the English language, which is another major reason for this language.


In this agreement, all the provisions described are highly restricted and in any case of violation of rules or any part of this agreement found by the court will not impair the issue. We restricted our policies so no one can misuse them or make them involve in criminal situations.


The use of services from GetAllSMM also governed with the extreme privacy policy, as we are highly concerned about privacy terms, so we have restricted our services to extreme privacy. There is no chance that our services and the information of our customer's might loss, as well as no one, can use our services for any criminal involvement or any harmful activity.