The Privacy Policy of GetAllSMM provides information about how we gather, utilize, proceed and reveal your information as well as your sensitive and personal information when you are using our services.

Here the privacy policy considered as a matter of discussion that relates the terms and conditions of the services.

If some information remained unclear to you then it has a clear definition or meaning in terms and conditions’ section.

While representing the services of GetAllSMM the words that usually used in this privacy and policy section are “we”, “our” or “us” these words clearly relates the services and the policies of GetAllSMM and shows the actual function and responsibility of GetAllSMM.

If it seems to you that our services are not beneficial to you or if you disagree with our privacy policy, then you can simply move on and ignore our services. We also suggest not utilizing any of our services for any purpose.

The Information we gather

The information we gather usually divided into two main parts.

First, the Information that is necessary for availing our services.

Second, the information, which the customers need to know from us for our services.

The personal information that we need to provide our services is:

The Information We Need

General Information for account building

By getting started for availing our services, you need to sign up with GetAllSMM and while doing this we only need your information, which includes Your First name, Last name and email account. Other than that, if you wish to use promo code then phone, the number is also necessary otherwise, we do not need this. We do not require any other source of information else than this general information.

Verification Information for Personal Identification

We require personal information like photos of passport and identification card, just to create an environment of trust and authenticity. This will help us to provide the services in a secure and private way to avoid any trouble.

Information for Payment

To make the payments smooth and trouble-free we require some financial information like bank details and debit card details. This makes our customers make easy payments to avail the better services.

The Information Our Customers Need

On the other hand, the information that our customers require from us is that our support center is available throughout the day and night, where you can get any sort of information and at any time of the day. You can also make your problems resolved here by simply contacting us where you have to provide the details about your problem and to make it easier for our team to contact you back we need to have your email address. This information is important to provide, so we become able to perform our tasks efficiently as we promise to provide the best services and to solve the problems effortlessly.

Unless you do not delete your account by yourself from GetAllSMM, your personal information will remain to us. As soon as you delete the account, your information vanished instantly.

In Addition, other information, you may provide us for getting more from us is

Other profile Information

Now, this includes your information like the title of your job, the name of the employer you work with and Phone number (only if we need). The purpose, of getting this additional information, is to make you fit in our other contests (if there is any), so it will be easier for us.

Additional Information

If you would like to participate in our webinars as a blogger or as a content creator in any, other filed then you need to provide us the information about, your name, Job/ work title, email and picture as well.

In addition, some other services need your information about social media handles but we do not require this information. If you will provide any sort of related information to any other person then you are responsible for it.

Payments and Bills

To use our paid service, we need your following information.

The necessary information that we need to know in order to serve our customers with the best by fulfilling their requirements is the information about anti-money laundering regulations. Providing information about this is important because it will help the customers to avail our paid services. As we do not compromise with privacy, so another important factor contributes to making a strong privacy policy.

Financial Account Information

To make the payments smooth and easy we need to know about the details of your bank account and debt so it will be easy to access the paid service.

Additional information for verification of identity

In case of payment refund, we need your information, about the bank account, transaction details, name, ID card. We need this information to make sure that while requesting for such service no one else is doing this on your behalf and our payment is delivered to you only.

Information about your Device

Device information is also necessary when it comes to avail the services from GetAllSMM we access the information about your device or computer use used for signing up for our services. We access the IP address, country name, browser type, and operating system just to make sure that our services obey the legal laws and fulfill the requirements and laws.

Information about Payment Transaction

At GetAllSMM, we also require information, about payment transaction, which includes the name of transaction, date and time at which the transaction made. Detail about amount, credit card number and the expiry of a credit card. All this information is necessary to make our service better and building in a strong privacy policy.

Some services may require to sign up with social media, which we really do not need. It is only your choice to continue with those services as they will track your IP address and we make it clear that we are not responsible for that.

How we utilize the Information, we gather

We make use of the information, which you provide in the form of stored and processed data to improve and grow the services such that it will create a trusted and secure environment.

We provide our services in a legal way to obey the laws and regulations to avoid any sort of trouble and mismanagement in our services.

We provide information in both the manual and the computerized way so it is easier to operate, protect and utilize the services for a better experience.

We also resolve your technical issues by analyzing the information in an appropriate way so it is easier to resolve the issue in a perfect manner.

By providing your contact information, it is easier for us to authorize and use that information to make our services more efficient. As a result, we become able to create a healthy environment of trust and safety.

We also utilize the contact information for the purpose of, Detecting swindle, security issues, and other harmful activities.

Moreover, for security, investigation and for the verification and identification of the information. We make sure that everything must be perfect and serve the customers in the best way.

For resolving any argument with the third party, we need you to provide the information about contact details to contact the team directly.

To avail the services of marketing and advertisement you need to follow a few things, which are

To secure paid service.

Access and utilize the paid services

Find out the harmful services and stay away from frauds and other abusive stuff.

We utilize these services to improve the paid services for our customers and they can easily avail the best services of marketing and advertisement.

Sharing and Confessing

We gather information throughout the world and keep it safe in the EU and the United States. We forward this information outside the country in which you are availing the service and keep it secure and safe that whenever our team or we need, we can use this information to provide the services.

If you allow then we like to share your personal information for the seminars/ webinars as described earlier and this is only possible with your permission. We do not share personal information without permission.

To authorize with the third party and obeying the laws and enforcements GetAllSMM shares your personal information with your consent only. This is just because we make sure that our service obeys all the laws and regulations perfectly and provide amazing services to our customers.

We do this to obey legal issues, legal processes and to verify and investigate the criminal and illegal activities. Moreover, to protect the rights and security of GetAllSMM services.

The Service Provider

GetAllSMM uses various third parties to provide the best services in several ways; these services include paid services and the services all around Europe. GetAllSMM is providing services mainly in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and North America. All these service providers contribute to several tasks like Police checks, prevention against crimes, and investigation of crimes. In addition, for the maintenance and development of the services, as well as the provision of third parties through different tools.

These service providers cannot access your personal information as they are allowed to access only a little information, so there is not a chance that your information might leak out.

In other words, GetAllSMM works with several service providers that efficiently contributes to making the services best around the world with only a certain amount of information, which includes personal information.

Corporate Affiliates

Sharing your personal information with the affiliate corporates is just to improve, support and promote the services so that they will benefit the customers in a perfect way. We make use of social networking sites so that it will drive traffic naturally and in a bulk just to give an account the organic boost. This will help in the promotion of services and products in a legal way and make it easier for our customers to obey legit laws and regulations.

Our team or we do not control these sites so for getting answers for any of our service you may contact at GetAllSMM service point. You can ask anything at any time by simply contacting our site directly with [email protected]

Aggregated Data

We at GetAllSMM share the information in aggregated form so that it is not easy for anyone to identify the individual identity or getting any information about our customers. This also helps in building a strong relationship of trust and customers remain satisfied with our services.

We do not share any sort of personal information of our customer with anyone so this way helps in a perfect way.

Some Important Information

We observe the communication just to prevent and avoid any sort of incident related to privacy, to prevent our customers from frauds and other risks. This makes it easy for our customers to avail the services in a manner that they do not need to worry about any trouble or facing any privacy issue. We review every aspect carefully and with high concentration and in the majority of the cases we observe and review them manually to make everything simply perfect.

We monitor your email if you allow us the permission this is just because we want to make everything in order and perfect. We get access to your email to keep a check on your communications to avoid any sort of trouble related to crimes and others. Once you remove your email, we are no longer able to get access to your communications.

Customers’ Rights

Our customers can ask anything at any time by simply sending us an email at [email protected] however to get access to this you first have to verify your identity so it will be easier for you to get any sort of information instantly and effortlessly.

Our customers have a right to ask anything related to the services that are actually accurate and genuine. By contacting us through email at our service center our customers can get an instant response and their issues might resolve instantly.

Retention and Erasure of Data

GetAllSMM keeps your personal information as long as the contract is active between you and us. However, if our customers do not want to further continue with our services then they can easily send a request to end everything and our team will instantly act upon it and consider this issue. Once you request to end everything then your information that you have already provided will be erased within 72 hours and you are no longer able to avail these services.

However, if you want to continue with our services then your information will remain to us as long as the contract is active. After the contract ends, your information will be erased automatically.

On the other hand, the information that you have provided for the blogs or other content will remain to us and in some cases, it will be available in our database but there is no need to worry about this. We assure that it will not share with any other party or no one can misuse your personal information.

The copies of your information will remain in our backups because we want to maintain and protect our services, and these copies will not harm you in any way we give complete surety about it.

World Wide Availability

To keep everything secure and safe we transfer, store and process the information of our customers to our other companies that are available all around the world. Our companies are available in Europe, North America, Russia, Ukraine, and other major countries. All these companies work with their best and in an absolute efficient way so that they can provide the customers with the best facilities and the best services.

The only purpose, behind this, is to protect and save the data in a more secure way that not in any case our customers feel any difficulty or any trouble while operating our services.

Our Policy Towards Children

 We have restricted our policies to a certain age limit, the individuals under 18 cannot get access to our services and we make sure that we only facilitate the people above 18 with our services. If we come to know that people under 18 are using our services then we take strict actions and delete all the services instantly. This is another factor, which highly contributes to making our services the best around the world.


We can make changes in our services and policies at any time we want, just to make our services more efficient. If we do this in any case then we inform our customers by creating a privacy update post on our website.